MT Direct is designed and built to suit the needs of Money Transfer Organizations both locally and internationally which seek to maximize revenue and increase efficiency in remittance disbursement across Africa.

MT Direct connects all IMTs and other MTOs to existing Mobile Money Operators and some major financial institutions via a single point (API). Thus, remittances are directly deposited into Mobile Money wallets and bank accounts of recipients of remittances real time and in a seamless manner. MT Direct is safe, secure and reliable. The chance of remittance being directed to the wrong recipient is totally eliminated. Agents and tellers who interface with the recipient before funds are disbursed have become a thing of the past. No teller, no Agents and no middlemen. Remittances hit the intended accounts real time with 100% efficiency.

There are no hidden charges to this service, and there’s an unmatched accuracy in matching account to the recipient.

We allow MTOs to ascertain the existence of a wallet or account before remittance is deposited.